Sweet Memory templates for Lundeby Pro Designer

This is a template package add-on for Lundeby Pro Designer and is useful for the photographer who is selling Lundeby's Sweet Memory.

Sweet Memory comes in two sizes: 9x9 cm, and 16x16 cm. Each Sweet Memory consists of four square photos on the front, four square photos on the back and optional cover photos. The cover photos can optionally be replaced by three different materials: white, black or linen. There are also templates where two or more square photos on the front (or back) are used for one horizontal (landscape) photo, spanning across the squares.

The templates takes away the difficult work of trying to place the photos on the strips, and preparing the files for Lundeby. In particular for the larger 16x16 Sweet Memory, the files submitted to Lundeby are not easy to figure out, but Lundeby Pro Designer does all the work for you.

Using the Sweet Memory templates

Choose at most five JPEG images for the front photos in Bridge, right-click and select Lundeby Pro Designer > Select template > Sweet Memory 9x9 (or Sweet Memory 16x16). In the template dialog, choose one of the matching templates for the Front photos. Lundeby Pro Designer will then assemble the front strip for you. You can move, swap and enlarge the photos as usual with Lundeby Pro Designer's buttons. Once you are happy with the result, click on Multisave and specify a filename prefix and destination for the images.

Repeat this again with the photos for the back strip.

In the destination folder you will find the necessary files which Lundeby needs to print your Sweet Memory.

The Youtube video below show how a Sweet Memory 16x16 is built. Please look at it carefully before you ask me any questions! Having said that, I will of course be happy to answer questions - send them to me at kjell@irstafoto.se.


Feel free to contact me if you are in need of Photoshop scripting.